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  Shri Shri Jagannath Mahaprabhu lord of the Universe is the supreme solace and saviour of countless devotees around the world.
Lord Jagannath
Konark Sun Temple
Eastern coastal plains

To the east lies the Bay of Bengal and along with it comes a plethora of river basins. This provides for fertile soil. Consisting of numerous river basins, this area also has many deltas, making it a Hex deltaic region of the gift of six rivers. The stunning beaches are some of the places that tourists trip on often.

Central mountainous region

The central area of Orissa consists of a vast mountainous belt. The Eastern Ghats or the eastern mountain range runs diagonally from the north-east of the state to the north-west. The mountains rise and dip sharply, providing the perfect setting for the adventurous mountain climber or the trekker. The region, on an average, is 900 metres above sea level.


The town of Puri is located along the lengthy coastline of the state of Orissa. Puri is a mix of madness and the sublime. The Jagannath temple, one of the major temples of Orissa is the centre of religionistic madness that is embodied in India. On the other hand, away from the thriving crowd and the ringing bells of the temple lie the beaches of Puri. Dotted by numerous resorts, this beach strip is vacant most of the time. The water is crystal clear with a rich marine life and the sand is golden and finely ground, giving the best opportunity for a swim or a sun bath.


The capital of the state, this city boasts of temples from the pages of history long gone. 800-year-old temples lie amid a bustling, growing and naturally, congested city. The city is a brilliant mix of the old and the new. With its historic monuments on one side and a thriving business scene on the other, the city is the perfect place to witness the attempts at breaking out of the shackles of the history and move into the modern era.


The famous Sun Temple in Konark is one of the biggest and oldest temples in India. The magnificent temple was built during the 12th Century and is a World Heritage Site marked by UNESCO.

The entire temple is a huge chariot with twelve wheels, pulled by fourteen ferocious horses. The temple also houses some erotic statues and drawings on the wall in its second level. But despite the blatant erotica, the lyrical and poetic values of these statues are there for everybody to notice.

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